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We offer two oils from the 2017 harvest:

Cordioli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Obtained from cultivars typical of the Veneto Valpolicella area, namely Grignano, Favarol and Pendolino, and a lesser percentage of Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Coratina, other varieties from the Italian territory, this light-medium fruity oil is characterized by strong scents of citrus and green almond.

On tasting, it offers a pleasant balance between decisive bitterness and marked, persistent pungency.

Campo delle Marogne” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The third harvest from our recently acquired land, adjacent to the “historic” grove, proved truly satisfying; the predominant cultivar is Frantoio.

This medium fruity oil is well structured with an aroma reminiscent of aromatic herbs and freshly-cut grass, with a finish of green almond.

In the mouth the bitterness and pungency are harmonious and well integrated.